De Boerboel

The boerboel is a South-Afican dog, original bred being a guard dog on the farm.
The boerboel seems at first sight a crude watchdog with a sturdy look, but he is more then that a dog with a big heart for his family.

The boerboel is a stable, confident and mostly calm dog. He is very loyal and attached to the members of his family and if necessary he will do anything to protect them. He is very brave, sober and hard on themselves. The boerboel is a obedient and accomodating dog for his people, but he can demostrate initiative. He is very territorial, watchfull and defensive minded. People who are not allowed at your home don't get the chance to enter your property. A boerboel guards in a controlled way.
An owner who keeps his boerboel only into a kennel ignores his need for company. Because their attachment to people it is better to let a dog from this breed grow up in the middle of the family. This will also benefit the character building of the dog.
Compared to strangers the boerboel is reserved, but if appeared the owner appreciates the presence of the visitor the dog wil accept that.

A boerboel needs an experienced and consistent owner. A consistent education makes that the relationship between the owner and the dog is one with mutual respect where the family is always higher in rank than the boerboel.
Ideal height and withers: female 61, male 66 cm.
Weight: between 50 and 90 kg.
Color: yellow, red, red-brown, brown or brindle,
with or without black mask.
Pelt: short and soft
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